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Events and Dance Travel

As the directors of Raza Dance Festival and Raza Dance Experience, we are excited to host a number of events throughout the year. Here are the upcoming events

    Thu, Aug 01
    Embassy Suites Northwest Arkansas
    Aug 01, 2024, 7:00 PM – Aug 04, 2024, 7:00 PM
    Embassy Suites Northwest Arkansas , 3303 S Pinnacle Hills Pkwy, Rogers, AR 72758, USA
    Imagine the excitement of dancing alongside the best during long social nights that will leave you breathless.
    Fri, Apr 25
    Dominican Republic
    Apr 25, 2025, 7:00 PM – May 05, 2025, 11:00 PM
    Dominican Republic
    The second edition of "RAZA CON FUERZA" in the beautiful Dominican Republic, taking place from April 25th to May 5th, 2025. This event promises an unforgettable journey filled with dance, culture, and excitement.

About Us

Our names are Carlos Gomez and Susan De Beras,  we are  dancers, choreographers, and instructors of tropical dances such as Dominican Bachata, Merengue, and On2 style Salsa. Over the course of our 8-year partnership, we have gained valuable experience teaching and performing both nationally and internationally. Originally from the Dominican Republic, we have since 2021 settled in NW Arkansas leading Raza Dance Studio, and we are committed to providing a fun and enriching learning experience that has never been seen before in this area.

We pride ourselves on our ability to connect with our students and create a positive and inclusive learning environment. Our teaching approach is rooted in the belief that anyone can learn to dance, regardless of their age, skill level, or background. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and love for Latin dance, and seeing our students grow and develop their own unique dance style.


As performers, we are known for our dynamic and emotionally charged routines, showcasing our technical prowess and chemistry as dance partners. We have touched and performed in more than 50 international dance festivals, solidifying our reputation as one of the top Latin dance duos in the industry.


My name is Carlos Gomez

As a Dominican native from Santo Domingo, I have always been surrounded by the rich and vibrant culture of the Caribbean. From a young age, I was drawn to the rhythms and movements of bachata, salsa, and merengue, and I quickly fell in love with the art of dance.

Over the past 12 years, I have dedicated myself to becoming a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher of Afro-Caribbean rhythms. I have trained extensively in folk dances and Afro-descendant styles in the Dominican Republic and Cuba, honing my skills and deepening my understanding of the cultural roots behind these dances.

Through my performances, I strive to convey the joy and passion that these dances bring to people's lives. And as a teacher, I am committed to sharing my knowledge and experience with others, helping them discover the beauty and intricacies of these art forms.

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Carlos Gomez  professional photo.
Susan De Beras professional photo.


My name is Susan De Beras

I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. As a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher of tropical dances, such as Dominican bachata, merengue, and On2 style salsa, I have gained over 8 years of experience teaching and performing internationally. My passion for dance has led me to share my knowledge and skills with dancers all over the world, and I am dedicated to continuing to inspire and empower others through the beauty and joy of Latin dance.

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